The Story

Once upon a time, there was a very ferocious bear that escaped the concrete jungle. This bear traveled to a far away place, ...where the people were very friendly. They took care of the bear, and taught him judo. Slowly, the ferocious bear lost his ruthlessness, as the coaches took him by the hand and taught him the rituals, techniques and the Way of judo. After many years, the bear returned to the concrete jungle and passed on the judo he had learned to other people, in order to repay those who had taught him.

Kuma, the first person from Hong Kong who graduated from Kodokan Judo School and gained his 4th dan black belt thru fighting and winning Kodokan grading contests (Tsukinami-shiai). For over 24 years, he has never stopped practicing, learning and teaching. 

hard training makes you understanding the meaning of life. Life is short, let's start training Judo with Kuma