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The Story - Chapter one

Once upon a time, there was a very ferocious bear that escaped the concrete jungle. This bear traveled to a far away place, ...where the people were very friendly. They took care of the bear, and taught him judo. Slowly, the ferocious bear lost his ruthlessness, as the coaches took him by the hand and taught him the rituals, techniques and the Way of judo. After many years, the bear returned to the concrete jungle and passed on the judo he had learned to other people, in order to repay those who had taught him.

Since the establishment of the current dan system, KUMA is the first Kodokan school graduate Chinese judoka to achieve a Kodokan 5th Dan, through continuous competing and winning the rigorous and highly contested Kodokan Tsukinami Shiai.

KUMA will continue to develop his judo in the future and upcoming Kodansha shiai.


Let the next chapter begin❣

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